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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with Kite Media provides measurable, accountable, flexible marketing options for businesses of all sizes. PPC allows us to see how your ads are performing at any time. Even better, we can stop, start, pause and test your ads based on how busy you are and how well the ads perform. You choose the geographic area that you want to target, whether a small local city or a national area, and we make sure that the right people – and only those people – have every opportunity to connect with your business.

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Kite Media provides online marketing services for small businesses and national brands alike, all over the United States and Canada. With Kite Media, you’re getting the real deal. We’re a small team of experienced pros that are dedicated to bringing you the best results via the power of the internet.

We will make your business stand out from the crowd of other businesses competing online for your customers.

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How's your mobile presence?

There’s no point in driving traffic to your website if it doesn’t look great and function well on all devices. Although people are using desktop and laptop computers more than ever, smartphones and tablets are also increasing in use and are quickly taking over more and more of online searches. If your potential customers have to zoom in and out to find what they are looking for on your website then it’s time for a change. We specialize in responsive web design that ensures your website will look great regardless of the screen size that it is being viewed on – and the best part: we send highly targeted, relevant traffic to your website that will improve your bottom-line.

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What We're All About

Real. Smart. Quality. Work.

Real. We take pride in being completely honest, up-front and realistic with our clients. If we’re not a good fit for your business, or if we just don’t have the capacity to take on your project, then we’ll let you know. Simply put, we’ll never push you into a service you don’t need and we won’t accept any work that we can’t deliver on. If we determine together that our services won’t be a real benefit to your business and ours, then we’ll let you know right away.

Smart. We focus on working smarter, not harder. We wouldn’t want to waste your time or our own, so we spend our efforts on only the most meaningful and productive of tasks. We don’t cut corners or skimp, but we won’t waste time spinning the wheels on something that will never gain traction. We put our full focus and energy into growing your business through dedicated research that is then applied to the most targeted, effective advertising services and processes. We use reporting and testing to make continual improvements to ensure that you’re getting the best results possible.

Quality. Unlike many of today’s digital marketing companies, we don’t rely on robots and automated software to do the work for us. We love technology and rely on it to improve many of our processes and the way we work (remember, smarter, not harder), but our marketing and design services are all completed by hand. You can rest assured that you are getting individual attention and custom work – no cookie-cutter, wholesale services that lack a personal touch. Quality over quantity is our primary focus.

Work. Many SEO companies have a negative reputation for taking on new clients, providing some up-front work, and then going M.I.A. after just a few months, leaving you in the dark, with minimal results and a long-term contract that you’re locked in to. If you’re not seeing results from our services, we believe you should have the opportunity to cancel our service, whenever you please. We decided to end contracts awhile ago, and now we offer our clients contract-free services without term commitments or cancellation fees. That’s the best way to prove to you how confident we are in the services we offer.

Our Services

Pay-Per-Click Management

We create targeted ads to be placed in top results across the web that will help increase brand awareness with your customers. Our PPC services are a great boost for a new company or those looking to generate new business.

Website Design

First impressions are a big deal in business. What does your website say about you? Kite Media’s team of website designers will work with you to achieve your dream website and attract more visitors.

Graphic Design

Let us help you by creating designs that showcase your business in its best light, using a custom logo, business cards, stationary, banners, flyers and anything else you need. We help with the initial impression that attracts attention, and your business does the rest.

Video Production

We showcase your services through customized digital videos that make your brand stand out. These visual representations will help to sell potential customers on your company and educate existing customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We will help your business establish a powerful online presence with great organic search rankings. Any time and effort we spend on your SEO strategy will have long-lasting results.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll help you reach new customers and interact with them on a daily basis on their own platforms. Our service will quickly share updates and specials for your business on social media!

Email Marketing

Our email marketing services enable us to send out timely news and updates, in a personal, stylish layout to your subscribers. We help to build that list by keeping your customers engaged and involved with your business.


Interested in growing your business through internet marketing, but aren’t sure where to begin? Get expert opinions on marketing and improving your brand image through our branding and consulting services. We can give your existing brand a refresh or help you start a new brand from scratch.

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