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Kite Media provides business owners with the ability to market their products and services over a broad array of popular websites and search results through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. You choose a geographic area where you want your ads to appear and we make sure that your ads are seen at the local level.

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Google Certified Partner

Google AdWords Certified

We are a Google certified partner – meaning we have a proven track record of showing both Google and our clients that we’re experts when it comes to PPC.

In order to achieve partner status we had to pass exams, maintain high advertising standards and continually stay on top of current best practices and policies.

Complete AdWords Setup

Within one week, you will begin to see your ads on Google. With a highly specific ad setup process and geographic ad targeting, your ads will be tightly directed to your service area in only the cities you choose. We are well versed in both image and text ads and are prepared to support a variety of budgets.

Dedicated Maintenance

Your ads will be monitored and maintained on a daily basis with continual testing to ensure you are achieving the highest ROI possible. We also provide regular updates to ad text based on performance, keyword maintenance based on performance, and budget monitoring & optimization for best results.

Mobile Visibility

More and more consumers are searching with mobile devices. Because a typical mobile search queue only shows three or four results, the top paid ads get a much higher boost in traffic. Don’t be left in the dust; make yourself more easily accessible to your customers who are searching for you with their mobile devices.

Immediate Results

Unlike other digital marketing services that take weeks or even months to deliver solid results, pay-per-click ads deliver immediately and help you track important customer insights in seconds. Our team will help you achieve a greater return-on-investment by carefully evaluating the results of your PPC ads.

So How Does PPC Work?

Pay-Per-Click involves creating ads, both text-based and image/banner ads, through sites and programs such as Google AdWords, Bing Ad Center, Facebook & Photoshop. These ads will then appear on those sites and throughout the Internet based on specific keywords and the search terms of users. Your ad can appear whenever someone searches for criteria matching your keywords.

Results with PPC are immediate and can be easily tracked – even better, you only pay for the ads that get clicks. We will help you understand what your potential customers and clients are searching for online, enabling us to shape your ads and promotions to provide the greatest return on investment. We monitor and update your ads to make sure you’re never overspending and that you’re getting the most value out of the service and your ads.

Pay-Per-Click delivers such great value and exposure to your business that it’s a risk to not invest as soon as possible. PPC puts you at the top of the page, immediately, bringing your business extra exposure that could lead to new clients. We consider PPC to be a necessity for any business, no matter your industry.

This process can seem overwhelming, but it is essential to the success of any business. Let us take the complication out of reaching your online customers by creating and managing your targeted PPC campaigns.

pay-per-click management

The PPC Process

Step One: Research

With our many market research tools, we’ll discover which keywords will provide you with the most traffic.


Step Two: Build

We’ll put together both text and image ads to display your goods or services through specially targeted campaigns.


Step Three: Track

With today’s advanced technology, we can easily monitor which ads get the most attention and then evaluate the progress.



Step Four: Improve

Consumer trends are always changing and we will make sure that your business is ahead of the game.

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