Video Production

Great marketing revolves around telling a story that captures and keeps attention. Your brand has a story to tell – relay it with video. All of today’s top social platforms are geared toward sharing and promoting videos. Do you have the right content to share? If not, it’s time for your company to consider putting the power of video to work for you.

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Connect With Your Customers

Custom videos showcase your product or services better than a regular old picture. Your potential and current customers will be able to feel a more personal connection to your brand as a result of quality video work.


Build Confidence

Sometimes a customer just need that reassurance that only a video demonstration can provide. Before investing in your product or service, they can see a representation of it and get the confidence they need to pursue a purchase.

Make an Impact with A Video Showcase

Some services and products are easy to describe, and customers can easily see the benefits and impacts. On the other hand, the impact of some products and services is better demonstrated visually than through text or writing. That’s where our video production service comes in. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to provide your customers with a stunning visual representation of the ways they could be benefitting from your business. Did you know more than have of your consumer audience are visual learners? A professional video showcasing your services can be a real asset to attracting more customers. Call us today to learn more about what we can do to help you show proof of your services or products at a fair price!

Check out this video we made for The Kater Shop in Logan, UT:

Our Process


Step One: Plan

We’ll discuss a projected timeline and determine how to best showcase your service or product.


Step Two: Draft

Together, we’ll design a script and make preparations for the film.

Step Three: Film

Kite Media will compile the footage needed for the final production.

Step Four: Edit and Present

We’ll put together the final pieces to present you with your custom video production to showcase your business’ talents!

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Present your followers with a beautiful visual representation of your services and products. Call today to get started!

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